May 2020 Meeting
David W.jpg

Not quite a one horse race but David Waldron scooped 41% of the votes with his entry.


Greg Holmes entered a box he had carved from a solid Oak post to take second place.

Liz K.jpg

Liz King's pyrographed beach scene came in at joint third sharing the place with . . . .

Tony R.jpeg

Tony Reindorp's square bowl with marquetry detail.

Graham L.jpeg

Also entered were: Graham Legg's plate turned from (Australian) Red Malee burr.


Scrollsawn picture from James Sharpe - clearly didn't "feel lucky punk" on this occasion!

Peter F.jpg

Peter Fantham turned his skills to making a hat from Alder.

John W.jpg

An attractive box made by John Williams using Poplar, Olive Ash and Sapele.

Jan B.jpeg

Jan Bartlett entered her first bird carving.


Derek Puplett's urn was turned from Spalted Beech and ebonised Sycamore.

Peter B.jpeg

Mother and Child carving produced by Peter Blair to commemorate the birth of his first grandchild.

Terry C.jpeg

Intricate marquetry work by Terry Cambridge which isn't done justice by the photograph.

David R..jpeg

Five drawer treasure chest in Teak and Maple from David Reynolds


Rocking Horse (minus the stand) created in Pine by Digby Owen.


Carving by Carole Snell which probably sums up how a lot of us feel right now!

Dick P.JPG

Long stemmed goblet in Sycamore from Dick Potter.